Flo =D
Flo =D
felicidad extrema jaja
I will never forget the moment, the moment… I will never forget this night we sing, we sing…


So I was remembering when I had this depressing episode of my life that just lasted 15 months. (Maybe those who follow me before 2013 understand or I don’t know if someome cared about it)

And one of those afternoons I had the chance to watch this VyRT live video with Jared.

He suddenly looked at the camera with his blue eyes like this


And I got scared.


Hey hey hey, don’t get me wrong. Not in that way XD

I mean… I felt something weird (se me estremeció el espíritu) because… I felt that I was having him face to face; that I could see through those eyes of quiet night; that I was having him in person; that I could feel him close to me.

Obviously that wasn’t possible. He was at his home and I was… It doesn’t matter where I was.

The thing is… In that momet I said to myself: “This will be the only way I will have him so close… Like this”. I touched the screen of my laptop.

The concerts, the meetings, the photos, the luck, the beautiful experiences are just for the rest of the people, just for the people of the big and important countries.

The good things just happen to the other people.

Yeah… To the other people…




Quiero ver

Por primera vez (en persona)

Tus ojitos de noche serena



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